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My maternal surnames include Barker, Bentz, Gudeyon, Peich, and Schultz.
My paternal surnames include Hansen, Kettleson and Nelson.


Descendants of Edward Barker

Edward Barker lived in the small town of Branford, not far from Long Island Sound and East of New Haven in Connecticut. He was born in 1625 in England and came to the colonies in 1640. Edward married twice, his second wife was Elizabeth _________. They had 5 children, William, Edward, Mary, Jonathan and Daniel. Daniel was my 7th Great-Grandfather.

Descendants of August Bentz

Descendants of Frederick Gudeyon

Descendants of Peder O. Hansen

Descendants of Nels Marcus Kittelsen

Descendants of Christian Nilssen

Descendants of Johann Peich

Descendants of Heinrich Schultz

Heinrich Schultz and his wife Friedericka (Marth) came to America in 1856. They settled in Oak Creek, Wisconsin near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They had 5 children, Herman and Wilhelmina were born in Germany, Edward and Albert were born in Oak Creek, Wisconsin and Paulina was born in Town of Franklin, Wisconsin. In 1875 they moved to the Town of Jackson, Wisconsin near Stauske Corners. They lived and farmed there in the Town of Jackson until 1885 when they sold their farm to their son Edward and his wife Mary (Bumiller). Heinrich and Freidericka moved to Port Washington, Wisconsin where Heinrich semi-retired to work part-time for the city and did carpentry work. Heinrich died February 13, 1910 and Friedericka then lived with her children for some time and finally retired to Washington County Home for the Aged at West Bend, Wisconsin. She died there on April 7, 1919 and both Heinrich and Friedericka are buried in Union Cemetery in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

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