Millard Cemetery
County O (North of County A)
Millard, Walworth Co., WI

Name Date of Death Location of Grave View Gravestone Cemetery Documents
Barker, Ardath Winnette 03 Mar 1941   Ardath W. Barker Gravestone  
Barker, Baby     Baby of Fannie Barker Gravestone  
Barker, Diantha (Gibbs) 08 Jun 1913   Diantha Barker Gravestone  
Barker, Elvira (Shumway) 20 Oct 1886   Elvira Barker Gravestone  
Barker, Fannie L. (Collins) 19 Jan 1896   Fannie Barker Gravestone  
Barker, Francis (Frank) 01 Aug 1875   Francis Barker Gravestone  
Barker, Joseph 28 Feb 1857   Joseph Barker Gravestone  
Barker, Lucinda (Lewis) 27 May 1875   Lucinda Barker Gravestone  
Barker, Timothy Putnam 14 Feb 1878   Timothy P. Barker Gravestone  
Bork, Baby     Baby Bork Gravestone  
Bork, Gustav 15 Nov 1967   Gust and Nina Bork Gravestone  
Bork, Nina Irene (Barker) 30 Jul 1934   Gust and Nina Bork Gravestone  
Burhans, Ida Ann (Barker) 11 Mar 1917   Steve and Ida Burhans Gravestone  
Burhans, Stephen S. 20 May 1923   Steve and Ida Burhans Gravestone  
Ells, Edna Elvira (Barker) 04 Dec 1938   Edna Ells Gravestone  
Ells, George W. 05 Apr 1939   George Ells Gravestone  
Gudeyon, Baby 06 May 1916   Howard and Baby Gudeyon Gravestone  
Gudeyon, Howard Lewis 11 Sep 1915   Howard and Baby Gudeyon Gravestone  
Taylor, Hiram 27 Jul 1885   Hiram Taylor Gravestone  
Taylor, Mary Lura (Barker) 08 May 1890   Mary Taylor Gravestone  
West, Diana (Barker) 01 Jun 1882   Diana West Gravestone  

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